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Allworx® Reach & Reach Link

A Business Communication System That Fits in Your Pocket

Reach and Reach Link extend the rich functionality of your Allworx IP phone to your iOS and Android devices with a seamless voice experience while you’re on the road.

Popular Use Cases

Road ninjas who always want to be reached on their business numbers
Legal and health care professionals who want to protect personal mobile numbers
Professionals who work in a distributed work area such showrooms or schools

Make and Receive Calls Like You’re in the Office

  • Transfer, hold, and park calls with a single touch
  • Make easy three-way calls

See Who’s Available

  • See your colleague’s presence and status
  • Search across the corporate directory, system extensions (e.g., call queues), and personal mobile contacts
  • Tag and sort by favorite contacts

Access Parked Calls, Call History and Scheduled Calls

  • Access parked calls and see call history
  • Call into scheduled conference calls

Update Your Presence and Status

  • Change your Allworx presence setting and DND status
  • Automatically update your call routes based on your updated presence/status

Allworx Reach Link

Stay Connected as Your Mobile Data Network Changes

During active Reach calls

Reach Link automatically connects active calls as the mobile data network changes from 4G to Wi-Fi, and vice versa.

During brief network interruptions

While Reach Link is reconnecting the call, the other party will hear a brief down-tone and and an explanation.

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