Allworx 6x phone system

If you are looking for a new phone system for your company, then the Allworx 6x is the solution for you. This system is designed for companies that have up to 60 users. It has its own communication center with advanced IP phones and software features that will improve your company’s productivity and save on monthly telephone costs. Some of the features of the Allworx 6x are: supports traditional phone lines as well as the advanced VoIP lines, PBX and/or key system features, nine built-in auto attendants, unified messaging, unlimited call routes, presence management, one eight seat conference bridge, and advanced software features.


Allworx 48x

Allworx 48x phone system

This is the most powerful system in the Allworx family. The Allworx 48x system can support up to 250 employees per system. This system is perfect for the business that is too large for a single T1, but does not need the expense of an enterprise-class solution. This system can support both traditional analog and VoIP phone in any order or arrangement. You could have the whole system as an analog system or VoIP or have it mixed between the two, giving you the customer the control over your telephone system. Some of the key features of the Allworx 48x system are: can support up to 250 employees per system, the two PRI/T1 interfaces expand and support the range of your voice and data connectivity, four conference bridges with up to 30 users per conference and 60 users in all conferences at the same time, three FXO ports and five FXS ports, full support for any Allworx VoIP phone including the new 9204 phone, an energy efficient design made to save your business money, and a solid state drive for continued reliability. The 48x is a revolutionary technological telephone system that is designed for larger companies.