Vertical MBX

Vertical MBX IP is more than just a phone system. It’s a feature rich, converged unified communications solution that delivers digital and VoIP capability for up to 324 physical and 324 virtual users and 250 multiple sites in a single, cost-effective package. With the MBX IP’s unique “all-on-one-box” architecture, you have automatic access to hundreds of business-class phone features and integrated applications, giving you countless ways to improve operations, intra-company communications and, ultimately, your bottom line.

With MBX IP you get support for traditional endpoints, IP endpoints and SIP trunking in a single system, which means you can deploy VoIP immediately, or migrate at your own pace. MBX IP can take advantage of T1/PRI, or SIP trunks to provide cost savings and functionality traditional analog trunks don’t offer, so you can leverage your investment by delivering voice and data over a single IP circuit, or deploy remote options without the expense of moving to an all-VoIP system.

MBX IP integrates easily with existing networks and supports a variety of phones, including digital, analog, IP and softphones.* Its pre-configured database templates make installation quick and easy. System administration is simple too – either locally or remotely – through the MBX’s built-in web-based administration program or via a digital telephone.

+ezPhone Application
ezPhone is a companion Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to desktop telephone. Highlight a phone number in any application and use ezPhone to dial it.
Features and benefits:

  • Integrates your desktop phone with Outlook, ACT, or Goldmine
  • Email and Contacts Integration
  • Personalized Call Handling
+Voice Mail/Auto Attendant
Voice Mail/Auto Attendant allows professoinal company image for a small business as well as providing sophisticated routing capabilites.
Features and benefits:

  • 8 port/100 hour integrated voice mail module, can expand to 16 or 24 ports/200-300 hours
  • Physical and virtual mailbox support
  • 70 Auto attendant menus, can chain level to level
  • Outbound notification of voice mail
  • E-mail notification of voice mail without .wav file attachment
+Multisite Networking
Multisite Networking is a powerful IP networking application that enables sites to collaborate seamlessly.
Features and benefits:

  • Phone feature transparency across sites
  • Centralized voice mail with exetrnal VM unit
  • Automatic route management
  • Real-time presence, status, and caller updates with BLF Manager
  • Can network with SBX IP and XTS IP systems
+SMDR Reporting
SMDR provides a detailed report of all calls made, tracking incoming, outgoing or all external calls, providing detailed call reporting information.
Features and benefits:

  • Allows you to track and report all call activity for cost control
  • Can be assigned by department
  • Real time or stored and sent options
  • Online, offline, and e-mail of SMDR records
+Mobile Extension
Never miss a call while you are out of the office!
Features and benefits:

  • Have calls ring your deskphone and cell phone simultaneously
  • Can transfer a call answered on your cell phone to another deskphone
+Hotel/Motel Functionality
MBX IP provides unique functionality catered to the hospitality industry, such as, wake up call, check in/out, room status, VIP guest, PMS interface and more.
Features and benefits:

  • Provides hospitality features:
    • Wake up call
    • Check in/out
    • Room status
    • VIP guest
    • Room cutoff
  • Provides PMS interface for Hotels to track charges
+Tenant Groups
MBX IP provides 5/9 tenant groups. Stations, trunks, schedules, timers and voicemail can be partitioned so that service can be provided for multiple companies.
Features and benefits:

  • Allows the system to serve 5/9 separate businesss in 1 system
  • Station and CO line partitioning