AccessLine™ Voice Services

The company’s hosted telecom Voice services, marketed under the “AccessLine™” brand, give companies flexible calling solutions, a simpler installation experience, and a greater range of support options than traditional telecom providers. With a history of serving over 100,000 business customers, including Sun Microsystems, American Express and IBM, we’ve scaled our award-winning technologies to meet the needs of entrepreneurial-minded small businesses. With the feedback of our thousands of clients, we’ve developed and packaged the features growing businesses need, priced to fit most any small business budget. Whether you’re an executive who travels frequently, a busy salesman trying to juggle office, home and cell phones, or an office manager seeking a single vendor to provide an integrated communications solution, Telanetix’ AccessLine™ Voice Services are for you. Whether you select our digital business phone systems, conferencing, voice mail, fax-to-email, one number integrated messaging, toll-free numbers and virtual receptionist services, start growing your small business now with AccessLine™ Voice Services for Business.

Typical Applications for Business Customers

  • Extending or replacing existing PBXs and voicemail systems, helping customers avoid new capital purchases
  • Extending corporate dial plan and sophisticated communications features to employees at any phone or desktop
  • Adding virtual extensions to in-house PBX systems for extended scalability and a broader national or international presence
  • Providing extensive end-user call control and management, putting the employee in command of their personal communications environment
  • Integrating any landline or wireless phone with existing corporate networks and dial plans and providing extension dialing
  • Providing business continuity and standby emergency PBX recovery services
  • Delivering unified messaging with access from both phone and web and notification to pagers and cell phones as well as email
  • Broadcasting group messages and unifying communications
  • Providing conference calling, both inbound and outbound, whether scheduled or spontaneous
  • Automating attendant features with sophisticated call routing

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