Surveillance has moved to the network and it is a major change in how we have seen surveillance solutions deployed within the last 2 decades. Once hard wired coax based “closed circuit television” systems are not high resolution network servers and endpoints all wrapped into a complex design and setup. Investing in a scalable end-to-end solution that integrates with your existing IP network now is a real possibility, not without careful consideration. The benefits are almost endless in IP Surveillance and cost is coming down quickly and significantly.

We cover all areas including network design, NVR design, megapixel camera recommendations, wired/wireless infrastructure configuration and network managing including: QoS, bandwidth management, remote access and other critical components to a truly successful IP Surveillance solution design.

Benefits of IP Surveillance:

Simplified management and cost savings
Broad line of high quality professional IP cameras
Proprietary switch technology to maintain video quality over shared voice/data/video networks
Scalable, high performance video storage options from very small to very large installations
Industry standards compliance for optimum flexibility
Single support call troubleshooting
Total solution including design, installation, configuration and proactive support

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